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>a-visitor-in-the-bath 1< performance

First performed during the bavarian days of theatre 2002 in Erlangen as a part of the 24-hour-performance "eventfullies" 21st an 22nd of June 2002

In- and outside views of a woman, represented through two figures: One of them irritatingly artificial and clinically dissecting, the other primitive, reminding of animal features and in an archaic way connected to the place. Both in peaceful coexistence by water and land.

concept and idea: Sybilla Bund, Thomas Parr, Barbara Seifert

dance, performance: Sybilla Bund, Barbara Seifert

textcollage of books from Yoko Tawada

sybilla bund
Dancer, choreographer, dance trainer
Modern-dance, dance-theatre, indian dance, new dance. Own company: compagnia B. Co-productions: acting, music, video, fine arts, fashion, design, singing

barbara seifert
Numerous contracts at german theatres, theme-overlapping productions, singing, dance, film. Currently self-employed, national and intenational projects

thomas parr
Director, dramatic advisor
German premiere of the chamber-opera "that time" by Wolfgang Fortner/Beckett, danceperformance "seven senses-seven towers" in the german pavillon/Expo 2000 Hannover, Art director of the bavarian days of theatre 2002/Erlangen and the 24-hour-performance.


duration: 25 minutes

Reinhard Ott
Miriam Kutschenreiter
Thomas Geisler
Burgberggarten Erlangen