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>my isle of heart<
music theatre

Based on compositions and scripts from jewish authors and musicians, director Jörg M. Welke creates a scenic revue drama. His collage of chansons, texts and movement is a highpitched revue and dramatic parody of Nazi Power.

Actress and singer Tirzah Haase plays the role of a jewish cabaret-star. In dejà-vu her past situations of life move from one short scene to another. Her path from fame to a sudden end by the Holocaust is accompanied by the dancer Sybilla Bund - ruling the game like a conductor. A choreographed memory - showing stories about existence, betrayal and casualty.

"My isle of heart" revives the spirit of that art, which was to be eliminated by antisemitism in the NS-aera.

Press comments:

" exceedingly remarkable piece of theatre"
WAZ [02.09.2000]

"With the dancer Sybilla Bund Regisseur Welke creates a figure of fate on stage, who initiates and comments the act in furious body language."
Halver [29.10.2001]

"...a wonderful solo, expressive"
Ruhrnachrichten [21.11.2001]

Story based on an idea by Jörg M. Welke

Music director and arrangements Armine Ghuloyan

Choreographer Sybilla Bund

Staging Jörg M. Welke

Woman Tirzah Haase

Goral (Hebrew for Fate) Sybilla Bund

Piano Armine Kouloian

about 1 1/2 hours without break

31. August 2000/Dortmund