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Woman Film Days - Opening

motto >Lilith<
foyer/café of the filmhauskino K 4
Nuremberg, Königstrasse 93, 1 st floor
March 25_2004 - 19 p.m.

dance, acting, choreography, costume_ Sybilla Bund

Totally wrapped in black, well equipped with silver ornaments on body and head, Lilith is appearing like a vision: An outstanding queen of the skies, reigning birth and death. Her essence ist uncompromising and mysterious.

Being a figure of bizarre abilities of changing, she is making use of glass elevators or goes for floating down the stairs. Demanding and praying, the cathedral of her body is moving in harmony with her radical principals. As a dark goddess she embodies the female mystery. With her dance she is celebrating the sacrified dimension of sexuality. She is whispering, flattering, raging - in every inch a goddesses: unfathomable and unconditional........

performance on the opening of the foto-exhibition
>dreamdancer, dancedreamer<

Erlangen_december 3rd_2004_7.30 p.m.

a mysterious mythological figure is celebrating her secrets by performing her own miracle