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PREMIERE: 18_06_2003_Tafelhalle Nuremberg_Germany
19_06_2003_Tafelhalle Nuremberg_Germany


Within a fantastic scenery of hanging wigs and accessories of pelt and fur, musicians and a dancer are celebrating an interdisciplinary spectacle. Erotic and eccentric figures are moving through a jungle of curled thoughts.

By acting, singing and dancing they are telling stories about the primeval growth on bodies and head: wild and dressed human hair, horns, dolls hairs, animal coats, skins, pelts. Diving into a world of artificiality and wild nature; visiting dressed drums and ancient composers' costumes.

While playing the game about hair and allurement a moving exhibition about hair cult and body sculpture arises:

A prehistoric symbol of fertility outgrowing from the violinist's head. A dancer with a blond-curled swollen breast, a hunter with bow and arrow - being hunted, a baroque lady dog and other bizarre characters. Jumping out of one's skin and not like being in shoes.

Live music from different styles and epoques, dance, singing, set design and light merge into a sculpturesque work of art. Hair-raising visual poetry. A creation written by the German choreographer and dancer Sybilla Bund, who is also responsible for costume, set design and the music concept.